About Us

stock-footage-beautiful-girl-sitting-at-table-writing-in-notebook-using-laptop-and-smiling-290x220Welcome Phones is an online service that gives consumers in the UK the lowdown on mobile phone contract deals in the market. We compare, review and test a wide range of mobile phone plans in hopes of giving you the best offers so you can save money and get the most out of your mobile phone contract.

In the UK, mobile phone contracts have continued to shine, despite growing competition from pay-as-you-go services. Our service was built so that you, the consumer, get enough information about mobile phone plans before you sign the dotted line. We are neither for or against mobile phone contracts – our only goal is to properly inform consumers so they can make educated decisions regarding their mobile phone needs. Welcome Phones is neutral to all mobile phone plan providers; if we have to choose a side, then it would be with the consumers and users of mobile phone plans.

Here you’ll find the pros and cons of mobile phone contracts, how to prepare for your contract application, and how to get the best possible mobile phone contract for your needs. We also conduct reviews on mobile phone deals from popular UK providers, as well as updated news on the latest trends in mobile phones.

All information on mobile phone plans come straight from the providers. Our reviews and comparisons are the result of meticulous research, double-checking and first-hand experience. Our experts continuously search the market for new offers and deals with each passing day to ensure that you get it first straight from us.

Whether you’re looking to try out mobile phone contracts for the first time or want to switch to a better provider, we’ve got the information you need right here.